Comparison of Addmen OMR Software with Other OMR Softwares on the Basis of Features of OMR Software

Negative Points
Positive Points

Addmen came up with successful OMR Software with a totally new and proprietary technological approach. Addmen is recognized as the first mass market accepted OMR software product which makes the usage simpler and user friendly.

Such was a market impact of Addmen’s OMR Software which forced companies to modify their existing solutions to somehow meet the blow with little inescapable improvisations.

The vision forms the core of development as it itself tells all about the future of the product.

Other OMR Solutions
OMR Software

History & Background
OMR scanner machines were the only available products in the market before 7-8 years.

With the cost involved, only big examination bodies and govt. organizations were able to afford. Even the test patterns were simple so it was manageable.

There were hardly any successful OMR software’s in that time.

Price Factor
OMR machine scanners were used to sell at starting price of Rs. 3.5-50 Lacs in India.

In current scenario, China made hardware Scanner is available for Rs. 180000/-. Reasonably acceptable versions reach 250000/- and beyond.

Investment in the OMR Machine and OMR Sheet and technical complexities were a big deterrent.

Accuracy is determined by thickness of paper and accurate cutting of size. Folds have a negative effect of acceptance of sheet and accuracy of result


Mainly depends on the speed of scanner.

Addmen OMR Solution
OMR Software

With the advent of software technology, a cheap alternative OMR has found market in tune with demands. Rise in OMR users market and success of software are complementary to each other.

In the recent times, most organizations have switched over to OMR based tests. It requires a lot of creativity in patterns which makes it complicated with frequent changes.

New breed of OMR software have fully dominated and almost killed the use of hardware scanners.

10% price, the market of scanners came down drastically.

Sheet price is negligible and one can choose scanner depending upon the requirement.

Addmen OMR software offers economy, flexibility, independence and accuracy.

We do not consider the term “% accuracy”. Addmen OMR software is absolute (100%) accurate even for tilted and skewed sheets..


Addmen OMR software checks one to four sheets/sec depending upon PC speed.