Calibration of OMR Answer Sheet Design

Addmen OMR Software provides an integrated facility for designing the OMR sheets. This is a quick and easy way of creating OMR sheets. Moreover, one has to remember that only sheets designed with the Addmen OMR designing software can be read by the OMR sheet reader software. It is best to remake already existing OMR sheets that have been created using the old OMR technology. However, if there are a lot of pre-printed sheets, one option is to calibrate them with the help of the OMR software.

The process of calibration makes it possible to read the old technology OMR sheets with the Addmen OMR software. For this, the first thing you have to do is scan the OMR sheets. By keeping this sheet in the background of the sheet designer, you can calibrate and create the exact copy or replica of the sheet design.


Important Considerations for Calibration of OMR Sheets

The OMR sheets are special documents that are created using certain parameters. Hence, all sheets that have bubbles on them cannot be called OMR sheets. What make these sheets different are the four index points on its corners.

Index points: These four index points are four black markers on the corners of the sheet, forming a perfect rectangle. This is essential for the OMR Sheet Reader Software to read the OMR sheets. However, as the OMR sheets based on the old OMR technology do not have index points, but the typical time line, the starting and ending indicators of the timeline are considered as index points for calibration. To make sure that the measurements of these index points are correct, keep the pre-printed sheets really straight while scanning.

Grid alignment: Another important thing to be considered is the perfect alignment of the horizontal and vertical grids of the answer sheets. This is very important if you want the sheets to be calibrated perfectly. However, if your OMR Answer Sheet Designs have misaligned blocks, you can choose the Advance version of the OMR software which has the capability of rectifying such problems.

Calibration of OMR sheet design is great when you have several pre-printed OMR sheets with you and do not want to waste them.

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