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OMR Optical Mark Recognition Softwares are used for a wide range of OMR applications like:

  • Tests Evaluation based on MCQ Multiple Choice Questions conducted in various training and assessment processes;
  • Application forms for Admission, Recruitment & other processes that involve data collection;
  • Feedback Forms for evaluation of Quality of products and services;
  • Survey Forms for Market Research and other purposes;
  • Questionnaires for Research & Analysis;
  • Attendance Sheet;
  • Ballot Paper for voting in Elections and Opinion Polls;
  • Check Lists in process oriented industries;
  • Quality Cards in manufacturing process and Process Cards in other;


Majorly classified, all these applications fall under 2 major groups, MCQ Test Checking & OMR Data Collection.

Addmen OMR Software has 2 modules addressing to these distinct needs.

OMR Answer Sheet Checker is one of the modules which is 'complete-in-itself' for the checking of OMR based MCQ tests containing multiple choice questions. Details of the OMR Answer Sheet Checker Software are given in www.OMRSHEETCHECKER.com

This webpage covers the OMR Form Reader module in detail.

OMR Form Reader is a special functionality module of Addmen OMR Sheet Reader Software which is used for reading of OMR Forms used for various purposes like : OMR Application Forms, OMR Feedback Forms, OMR Survey Forms, OMR Attendance Sheets, OMR Ballot Paper, OMR based Questionnaires, OMR Quality Cards.

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The Difference between OMR Answer Sheet Checker & OMR Form Reader

OMR Answer Sheet Checker and OMR Form Reader are both same in the sense of OMR reading process. Both are Optical marks recognition software the read black spots on white background. But they have been classified into 2 modules based on their functionality and the requirments of the user group that uses them.

As compared to OMR Sheet Checker Software used for checking of OMR Test Answer Sheets, the OMR Form Reader module has many extended reading capabilities, like photographs, OCR form No., Barcode etc., but the OMR form reader delivers the output as it is without any analysis.